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Get healthy, happy, motivated, talented and informed employees, at work and beyond

Investing in the well-being of your employees is a must

Be well to be at your best.

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Does your company or event also put human capital at the top of its agenda? Rightly so, because it has never been so crucial to have a ‘Well-being’ plan to implement straight away on the work floor and beyond. Only with Healthy, Happy, Motivated, Talented and Informed employees will your organisation be ready for the future. That’s why my 5-pronged policy is the thrust of my keynotes.
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As the author of the books ‘Aftellen naar maandag‘ (Counting down to Monday) and ‘Wellbeing = winst‘ (Wellbeing = Profit), my aim is to inspire you, business leaders, HR managers, team leaders and employees alike, to understand how working smarter and differently will make you happier and more productive.

Aftellen naar maandag

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Here you can read articles with instant tips to be happy and healthy at work.

Aftermovie Let’s Work

1 min.

Do’s & don’ts around hybrid working

1 min.

Don’t work harder, but smarter

4 min.

Is working from home here to stay?

2 min.

Why you eat less healthy when you’re stressed?

4 min.

5 steps to switch off your work stress at home

3 min.

No more sitting down: tips for company leaders

3 min.

Are you more susceptible to burnout?

2 min.

Transform your working space into a focus zone

3 min.

Stop multitasking!

4 min.


Ann delivered a very punchy keynote to a large group of our staff. Thanks to her enthusiasm and positive attitude, she inspired both French and Dutch speaking colleagues. Her practical tips were taken on board by everyone. Her presentations really fire you up, and you’re itching to get started immediately with her many tips.

Dominique Top Belfius Bank

From start to finish, Ann had me totally absorbed by what she said about happiness at work, because everything was so relatable. With simple tips & tricks that can be implemented straight away in any personal environment, she definitely inspired our management team. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she fires you up to get started right away. We have already had our first – much more efficient – meeting of ‘just’ 45 minutes 😉

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