A new HR era has begun. Human Capital has never been as high on the agenda as it is today. Since the outbreak of COVID 19, consideration for employee well-being has risen by an impressive 68%! And that is absolutely essential …

More than ever, business leaders are realising that their employees are their most important assets.

With my keynote ‘How smarter working makes you happier and healthier’, I inspire both managers and employees to consciously choose a healthy and happy way of working and living. In my story, I primarily focus on mental balance, physical health and the all-important social contact between colleagues.

We miss connection. We need empathetic leadership. We want to be supported and encouraged in our “home working“.

A robust well-being policy not only ensures that your employees remain loyal to your company for longer, but also that they give their all with heart and soul to achieve the overarching common goal together. It is also an additional trump to attract new talent and tackle the problem of long-term absenteeism, but also tackle ‘presenteeism’.

Focusing on happy, motivated, talented, interested and informed employees is a must!


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