In everything I do today, I strive for “healthy, happy, motivated, interested and informed people at work’. Satisfied partners share here how we were able to find a solution to this every time.

Ann delivered a very punchy keynote to a large group of our staff. Thanks to her enthusiasm and positive attitude, she inspired both French and Dutch speaking colleagues. Her practical tips were taken on board by everyone. Her presentations really fire you up, and you’re itching to get started immediately with her many tips.

Dominique Top Belfius Bank

From start to finish, Ann had me totally absorbed by what she said about happiness at work, because everything was so relatable. With simple tips & tricks that can be implemented straight away in any personal environment, she definitely inspired our management team. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she fires you up to get started right away. We have already had our first – much more efficient – meeting of ‘just’ 45 minutes 😉

Wendy Verheyden Communication Manager VINCI Energies Belgium

Ann is the leading figure in Belgium in the field of well-being, she was ahead of her time when we still worked together at DPG Media. Since then, the worldwide focus on employee well-being has only – and thankfully – skyrocketed exponentially. I invited Ann to Aon to test her keynote against our Well-being Survey, during a webinar. Her advice prompted many of our clients to take a good look at themselves and implement outstanding well-being initiatives. She was the perfect match for us!

Kristina Vanhaute Marcom Manager Aon Belgium

Well-being has always been a priority in our company. The path that we took with Ann, both with the management and the workshops with the entire team, provided so much extra insight and useful advice that we started to further fine-tune our organisation and work culture with a focus on well-being. Indeed, we don’t just want to be the best mobility consultancy to work with, but also to work for. And in fact it is very simple: if we get the second part right, the first will follow as a matter of course.


Ann starts her presentation with her personal story. After that you’ll gain more insights into stress, multi-tasking and resilience. Both the presentation and the book gave me huge inspiration to take a different approach. The result: it gave me a serious boost, both at work and at home!

Pascale Cox SBS Skill BuilderS

Ann delivered on her promise in a lively and interactive way! Everyone in the management team found his/her useful takeaways in this insightful presentation. Her wealth of expertise in well-being on the workplace has been acquired in real professional life where she was a trendsetter. Her advice is proving even more valuable in these trying Covid-adaptation times.

Your keynote made quite an impact, and was received with a lot of enthusiasm. I think what also contributed to the positive reactions, besides the content, was your energetic presentation style and the fact that you are an ‘experience expert’: a high demanding job, running up against your limits and looking for ways to improve.

Kim Verheyden InSites Consulting

Ann’s positive energy and optimism are contagious. From the minute she started her keynote on Wellbeing on the workfloor, she captivated everyone at our annual staff meeting at VDAB Oost-Vlaanderen (+/- 700 people). Based on scientific research and examples from daily life, Ann handed us tips and tricks to enhance the working environment. I am happy we’ve had the chance to meet and work together, and I can only recommend working with Ann too.

Adel Mouchalleh Communication Expert at VDAB

Ann’s presentation was great! She’s an excellent speaker. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so captivated. She’s the real deal. Her story, especially the tons of examples she gave, made everything very recognisable

Ingrid Verreydt Roularta

I was really blown away by the content and enthusiasm of Ann’s session! There are tons of interesting and concrete tips in there on how she approaches specific issues. What makes her story convincing, of course, is that she has worked at management level and she speaks as an expert on the subject. What’s more, I’ve never seen a Speaker’s corner before where everyone was hanging on the speaker’s every word… I think a lot of people would love to have a manager like Ann!

Joachim De Geyter Sector Accountmanager Automotive & Energy

Just when we were starting a programme on well-being and empowerment, I was fortunate enough to attend a keynote by Ann. Her presentation was hugely inspiring. But more than anything, she showed how it’s all not just a naive dream, but is perfectly applicable in practice and at the same time provides a real return for employee and employer.
The session confirmed that we are on the right track and there is no going back!

Johan Adriaen Director Claims Car AG Insurance

Ann gave me guidance to better understand and coach colleagues and managers. Counting down to Monday is unique in its kind, a must for anyone who wants to get more out of their work and life.

Sabine Ballet Atlas Copco Rental Europe

I found Ann’s book practical, concrete and fascinating. And it also covered a wide range of topics. Because Ann reached out to twelve experts, the book consists of twelve parts and it’s actually more like twelve separate books. Or put simply: twelve books for the price of one.

William Visterin Jobat & MARK Magazine

Ann really inspired everyone at the HR Magazine Congress in Berlin. She puts each employee in the center and bases her policy on 3 pillars, a mental balance, a good physical health and a healthy diet. I am sure you will be inspired!

Sige Mariën SD Worx

It was a very interesting and inspiring keynote. Ann’s enthusiasm and practical experience resulted in a captivating session. I immediately got started with the tips she gave. A superb, positive experience!

Steffie Cuypers Vito

An inspiring speaker who with her straightforward approach and sincerity knows how to inspire her audience, she is a woman on a mission. She acts and communicates in a very result-oriented and pragmatic way. She practices what she preaches.

Nathalie Arteel Arteel

Ann doesn’t pull any punches, she captivates the audience with a combination of personal experience and theory and gives many practical tips that you can apply immediately after the session. Highly recommended!

Rebecca Hogenhout HR Director Brand Deli
Karoline Fievez – Director Belgium

Ann’s tips & experience don’t require huge investments, but small steps that make a big impact for everyone. Her passion, communication style and highly people-centric approach makes her unique. Her presentations are a veritable gift for everyone!

Karoline Fievez Director Belgium
Katrien De Clercq – Securex

Ann is a master in the art of firing up her audience! She engages the audience in a convincing and relevant story; her words come from authentic experience and she meticulously applies the practical examples she gives: leading by example.

I am proud to say that I have guided the national and international companies and brands that I have coached in recent years towards more happiness and well-being in the workplace and beyond.

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